Capture it

I remember a few months ago someone asked me “so are you going to be a photographer now…?” because they saw me taking pictures of Bryson and I said “I won’t be one of those people that just all of a sudden is a photographer… seems like everyone is now a days.” and I still am sticking with this statement. I have a huge reverence for people that have photography as their life. They study the art, they work on lighting, editing, development for years in classes, school, degrees… To be honest, I just love capturing great photos of great people for them to have for a lifetime. So do all photographers, I hope. I have so many photographer friends who I admire so much. Their life’s passion is photography and it is because of it that I was inspired to try it out myself a year ago.

While I don’t know the science or history behind photography, I don’t process my own film and I do use digital… I still consider myself a photographer but hopefully my perspective doesn’t downplay the unique lifestyle of what some consider a ‘true’ photographer.

I began seeing how many families and friends around me were saying they couldn’t afford ‘professional’ pictures of their families because it was just too expensive or they just kept putting it off. I want to give people the opportunity to cherish memories in a way that they can continue to cherish 20 years down the road.

I am helping with a funeral of a dear family friend and as I was looking through pictures I just realized how incredibly important it is to get those memories captured often. Each of the kids had a ‘favorite’ picture with daddy. Family had so many to choose from. I never want to be in the position where my family struggles to find pictures of and with me. So many moms don’t allow themselves to be in pictures because they aren’t comfortable with their bodies but I feel it is a punishment to their family not to capture such a strong family unit as the mother.

However and with whomever you choose to capture those memories, just make sure to capture them.